Hook Grasp

What it does: strengthens the only muscles that bend the fingertips. Especially helpful when the hand is open and you need to hold an object or support your weight with a fingertip hold. Also strengthens longer muscles in the forearm and wrist while stretching smaller muscles in hand for greater motion and endurance.

Recommended for: rock climbing, tennis, throwing a football, baseball or basketball, bowling, fingertip pushups, weightlifting, marksmanship, martial arts, pilates, some yoga positions, the looser grip on a golf club, fishing rod or hockey stick, and a firmer grip on any piece of equipment.

How to execute: place fingertips on individual buttons and position ergonomic palm bar in the palm with the hook over the web space between the thumb and index finger. Keeping fingertips slightly bent, flex all fingers toward the center of the unit.

If you experience pain or fatigue – stop immediately. As with any exercise, excessive or incorrect use can lead to pain or injury. Therefore progress slowly and increase reps and resistance very cautiously.