I would highly recommend this product. It lets you strengthen the weakness in your fingers. Easy to use and can feel the strengthening of your hands - Roy H, Weatherford OK

I found that using the Gripmaster has strengthened my fingers and because my fingers are stronger, I am not squeezing the grip on my clubs allowing a lighter grip and better wrist rotation. - Larry Z, Glendale Heights IL

After using the Gripmaster for 3 weeks, I went from 96 -98 (for 18 holes). I went to 86 and 88 for the next two times I shot. - Randal H, Greenville IL

This is a wonderful tool that can be used almost anywhere and anytime to strengthen your grip, which makes a great difference in your game. - Mike S, Willow Street PA

The ability to squeeze individual fingers as well as squeezing all the tabs at one time sets the Gripmaster apart from all exerciser trainers of its kind. - Jack J, Waterville OH

The Gripmaster was very easy to use and I noticed an improvement in my club grip after using it a few times. The compact size lets me use it whenever and wherever. I will be using this baby for a long time!!! - Lori P, Saint Peters MO

I recently had surgery to remove a bone spur in the C6/C7 region that caused numbness and loss of strength in my left hand and arm. I had to wait six months before resuming golf, and I found that I was trying to grips the club too tight with my left hand. After using Gripmaster for two weeks I was able to “lightly” grip the club with my fingers (rather than my whole hand) and let the club swing freely - hitting straight and long again! - John H, Lake Oswego OR

Very unique design leading to specific strengthening of hand, finger, and wrist muscles. I was impressed with the immediate improvement on my grip. - Chris A, Silverton OR

The Gripmaster is a vast improvement over old-styled spring hand exercisers and rubber balls. The individual finger buttons ensure that each finger is actively exercised and the palm bar makes the Gripmaster comfortable to use. Quality is top notch. The Gripmaster is more than a hand and finger exerciser, it’s a complete hand and finger fitness program. - John M, Kenton OH

I highly recommend this product to anyone playing golf or any other sport that requires good grip. I thought I had a good grip until I got the Gripmaster. The individual finger presses is outstanding, because it lets you strengthen the fingers that are weaker. The exercise program that comes with the Gripmaster lets you exercise different parts of your grip and even the wrist. - Richard B, Roanoke VA

The Gripmaster allows you to strengthen not only your hand but individual fingers and wrist. Quit a clever contraption. - Craig B, Arlington TX

Having a stronger grip actually allowed me to feel better around the greens. The Gripmaster also helped to strengthen my weaker hand so it would be closer to my stronger one. - Paul P, Rochester MN

Great for improving grip especially for strengthening individual fingers. Very durable and comfortable to use. - Emory A, Stone Mountain GA

The Gripmaster is well designed and very versatile. It is compact and can be carried and used with ease. I use it when I am traveling. It is very comfortable in the hand. - James W, Gainesville FL

I would recommend this product to anyone. I use it almost everyday. I carry it in my golf bag and use it during my rounds, It is improving my grip everyday and strength is also improving. Love your Gripmaster! - Danny K, Sunset Beach NC

Over the last few years my hand and forearm strength had diminished. Since I have been using the Gripmaster my strength has improved significantly. - Richard C, Lavallette NJ

The Gripmaster has strengthened my wrist for better control and feel when I swing the club. - Scott A, Vinton VA

I would recommend this product because the improvement it makes in grip strength helps improve shot making ability. My shots go a bit farther, but they also tend to go where I want them to more often. I do not have to death-grip my clubs to maintain a straighter shot. My draws and fade shots are more reliable. - James K, Honeoye NY

I have been using the Gripmaster for a short time, about five weeks. I feel an over all improvement in my hand strength. This is a well made excellent product. I find it much easier with less tension to grip my golf clubs after using this product. - Frank C, Deer Park NY

The Gripmaster helped me get a better grip on my clubs. It has helped with my game. I would recommend the Gripmaster to anyone. - Les C, Citrus Heights CA

Compact design allows me to keep it in my vehicle and use it to and from work. I can also bring it in to the office and use it while at my desk. The instructions were great. I did not think there would be more than 1 or 2 types of exercises that could be done with this item. If a golfer wants to improve their grip, they should get this product. Excellent! - Charles B, Orlando FL

The Gripmaster is very well designed. I began using it as soon as I received it and immediately felt the change in my hands and forearm. Continued use can only help me with my game. Best of all I can use it almost anywhere. - Ronald B, Huntingdon Vall PA

Repeated use will strengthen your finger and wrist which should add distance to your shot. I like using it while driving and it has helped my arthritis which in turn has improved my game. - Mike N, Holt MI

The Gripmaster is a versatile hand and finger exerciser. It actually helped to improve strength in hand and forearm. The ability to do multiple exercises with one device is a plus. The design allows for whole hand or individual finger motion. - Terry F, Webster Groves MO